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5   #Opers   [+CPTnrt] Opers only.
3   #youtube   [+Pnrtz] post your you tube videos here please add the video title when you post the link
7   #LighteningStorm   [+Pnrtz] Have fun, kick your shoes off and lets chat :) To listen to the radio via an embedded player, leave and come back via this link:
1   #chatjail   [+BCPQmnrt]
4   #goodtimes   [+Pnrt] chat relax and have a nice time
10   #r3chat   [+Pnrtz] Life is like a huge toilet bowl and we are all just circling the drain
3   #One_Day_At_A_Time   [+Pnrtz] A friendly & caring room for anyone with a desire to stop drinking.
5   #helpdesk   [+Pmnrt]  The offical Rogu3 Chat help desk for all web chat related questions.
8   #devlopment   [+nrt] 💙 🌟  Keep up on the latest development on Rogu3 web chat and the site 🌟 💙
1   #Trivia   [+mnt]
2   #LGBTIQCafeAustralia   [+Pnrtz] Welcome to LGBTIQ Cafe Australia. A Safe Haven for the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Intersex-Queer Community of Australia and Worldwide